Intergraph Shipping SmartSketch 5.0

New Version Offers Alternative for Forced Retirement of AutoCAD Products

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Jan. 14, 2005 – Intergraph Corporation is shipping SmartSketch 5.0 (, parametric 2D precision design, production drafting and diagramming software. A cost-effective, alternative solution for companies dealing with forced retirement of Autodesk products, the 5.0 version helps increase productivity and lower costs through automation. New features include the Line Style Editor, expanded interoperability, Image Integrator enhancements and a number of other improvements. SmartSketch is the ideal engineering companion to the SmartPlant® software suite.

The new Line Style Editor enables users to create linear styles with embedded graphics, such as text or symbols as well as define specific dash gap sequences. To expand interoperability alternatives, SmartSketch provides attribute retention in exported DWG files and also supports foreign reference files in documents saved as DWG, DGN and DXF.

SmartSketch 5.0 offers the Speckle Removal command in the Image Integrator, which removes dots or speckles up to a certain pixel size for binary file types. The command cleans up scanned images for use in civil or any other engineering discipline. The new Multi-Point Warp command warps the raster image based on multiple source/destination points. Multi-Point Warp enables engineers to manipulate image data in aerial or scanned images and overlay design content on them. Commands from the SmartSketch 4.0 PowerPack are now part of the main user interface and no longer require a separate installation. Several new enhancements to Labels, Textboxes, and Leaders combine to make labeling and annotating drawings faster and easier in SmartSketch 5.0.

SmartSketch Boosts Design Productivity

SmartSketch 5.0 ( is parametric 2D precision design, production drafting and diagramming software. SmartSketch improves drawing productivity through its streamlined user interface, 46 Industry Solutions templates and more than 8,000 industry standard drag-and-drop symbols. Exclusive and intuitive features with built-in intelligence, such as SmartPoints, SmartSymbols, SmartLabels and cursor indicators help users focus on design rather than the mechanics of using the software. Automation and integration capabilities enable users to perform powerful engineering calculations with Mathcad, drive parametric designs from Microsoft Excel and embed files in Microsoft Word.


Intergraph Process, Power & Marine: Delivering the SmartPlant Enterprise

Process, Power & Marine ( , a division of Intergraph Corporation, helps worldwide clients bring together the people, work processes and advanced software technology to create the SmartPlant Enterprise. The intelligent software and integration of the SmartPlant Enterprise promote profitability, improve operational excellence and manage assets. Innovative SmartPlant technology supports concurrent engineering design, construction and operation for the process manufacturing, power generation, marine oil and gas and commercial shipbuilding markets.

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