Intergraph Leads Process Plant Creation and Shipbuilding Market

New Software License Revenue Growth Contributes to 2004 Standing

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Feb. 9, 2005 – Intergraph Corporation leads the global plant creation and shipbuilding software markets with a 30 percent revenue-based market share for 2004, according to Daratech Inc. For the 12th consecutive year Intergraph also led the worldwide overall plant creation market with a revenue-based market share of 31 percent. Intergraph’s sustained leadership position is based in part on revenue growth for new software licenses in key market areas – plant creation and shipbuilding, overall plant creation, physical plant creation and conceptual plant creation.

Daratech Inc, the Cambridge, Mass., market research and technology assessment firm, presented the market statistics recently at the daratechPLANT 2005 conference in Houston, Texas.

Intergraph’s revenue growth is underscored by a number of business achievements during 2004, including commercial delivery of SmartPlant® 3D, the most advanced plant design environment available. SmartPlant 3D gained a strong foothold during 2004 and adoption of the software steadily continues. More than 30 customers are now using SmartPlant 3D ( Customers include major, worldwide plant owner/operators, engineering, construction and procurement firms and shipbuilders.

Notable software deliveries in 2004 include SmartPlant Electrical 3.0, SmartPlant Foundation 3.6.2, SmartPlant Review 5.1, SmartSketch® 5.0 and the MARIAN Corporate Control Module. The Intergraph software suite is integrated through SmartPlant Foundation with The Engineering Framework and comprises the SmartPlant Enterprise.

In other business highlights, Intergraph in late 2004 acquired the EYECAD 3D plant design software from Asahi Kasei Engineering, expanding the Process, Power & Marine customer base within Japan and accelerating Japanese localization of the SmartPlant suite. Intergraph announced the transaction Jan. 19.

Intergraph Challenges Competitors to Support Interoperability

Gerhard Sallinger, president, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine, called upon competitors to join with Intergraph to explore ways of working together to improve interoperability and incorporate consistent software data standards to benefit the industry. Sallinger issued the challenge during the daratechPLANT 2005 CEO debate on technology environments.

Charles Foundyller, president and CEO of Daratech Inc., said, “Data incompatibility continues to cost the process manufacturing, power and allied industries billions of dollars yearly in engineering hours, rework and lost productivity. The continuing efforts of vendors, such as Intergraph, to solve the problem of interoperability will ultimately prove beneficial. Notably, Intergraph’s progress during 2004 has matured into the SmartPlant Enterprise concept. In 2005 and beyond, Intergraph’s advances promise to help solve this persistent business problem using an enterprise integration approach.”

Sallinger also said, “Ultimately, industry leadership is about where a company takes its customers by delivering on vision and supplying solutions that meet the needs of the evolving plant owner and engineering firm environments now and in the future. On the business front, it means financial stability, sustained profitability with organic growth and a unified software platform versus debt accumulation, maintenance of mixed platforms and acquisitions of dubious success,” Sallinger said.


Intergraph Process, Power & Marine: Delivering the SmartPlant Enterprise

Process, Power & Marine (, a division of Intergraph Corporation, helps worldwide clients bring together the people, work processes and advanced software technology to create the SmartPlant Enterprise. The intelligent software and integration of the SmartPlant Enterprise promote profitability, improve operational excellence and manage assets. Innovative SmartPlant technology supports concurrent engineering design, construction and operation for the process manufacturing, power generation, marine oil and gas and commercial shipbuilding markets.

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