Aerocon Photogrammetric Services Inc. Purchases Second Intergraph Z/I Imaging RMK TOP - Aerial Survey Camera System

New film-based camera simplifies and standardizes photogrammetric firm’s aerial imaging processes

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., March 7, 2005 – Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions today announced the selection of its Z/I Imagingâ RMK TOP - Aerial Survey Camera System by Aerocon Photogrammetric Services Inc., (Willoughby, Ohio), a national, full-service photogrammetric firm. The new camera system supplements the RMK TOP purchased by Aerocon two years ago, which is used to capture imagery for digital mapping in engineering applications, environmental studies, digital orthophotography for GIS applications and stockpile inventory. With the acquisition, Aerocon will use the RMK TOP camera as its common aerial imaging platform to simplify and standardize data acquisition operations.

The addition of the first RMK TOP camera significantly enhanced the quality and increased the speed of digital orthophotography production for Aerocon. Jim Liberty, President, Aerocon, commented, “When it came time to purchase another camera it was a no-brainer decision in choosing a new RMK TOP. The operation efficiency and quality imagery enabled by the RMK TOP camera give us the capability to increase flight and production hours, thus increase our bottom line.”

With the RMK TOP technical features such as automated exposure and high-quality filter and lens system, Aerocon can fly aerial photography under various weather conditions and still obtain outstanding imagery. This consistent quality enhances Aerocon’s ability to produce a better product in less time. Additional functionality, such as Forward Motion Compensation, ensures high-quality images even at low altitudes. These features, along with the RMK TOP’s unique pulsed shutter release, provide a camera system that is highly efficient to operate and maintain.

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Since its inception in 1967, Aerocon has been an engineering-oriented, full-service photogrammetric firm with a reputation for high quality and timely performance. Aerocon's experience in cartography and photogrammetry includes work for private, professional, governmental and industrial clients.


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