Intergraph’s Transportation Solutions Chosen by Serco Integrated Transport to Build Web Portal to Automate Abnormal Loads Movement Processes for the Highways Agency in Great Britain

Web-based routing and notification to simplify and shorten turnaround time for planning and approval of routes for overweight or oversized freight in the UK

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., March 15, 2005 - Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions today announced Serco Integrated Transport (Stockton-on-Tees, UK), a world-leading developer of Intelligent Traffic Management Systems, has selected Intergraph’s transportation solutions to develop a new Web portal, called Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads (ESDAL), for the Highways Agency (HA) in Great Britain. The ESDAL will be a one-stop, Web-based portal for assisted route planning and automated notification of abnormal load movements.

Several hundred thousand abnormal loads are transported on UK highways each year. The ESDAL will automate and simplify the previous manual process of planning and notification of abnormal load movements among multiple agencies and organizations. The new Web portal will significantly speed up the process for haulers, police, local authorities and public and private structure owners.

“Given that hundreds of thousands of routes need planning each year, the new Web portal will provide a multitude of benefits to the many organizations involved in the transporting of abnormal loads across the UK,” said Chris Bax, ESDAL Project Manager, Serco Integrated Transport. “Web-based mapping will speed up the tasks of an initially lengthy process that included exchanging faxes for planning and notification.”

Using the Web portal, haulers can choose the most appropriate route for abnormal load movements to ensure that wide, heavy, long or high loads do not damage the roads or structures or cause traffic congestion. Intergraph’s GeoMedia(R) WebMap technology will enable haulers to simply draw routes directly onto a map. The routes drawn are then used to drive other processes such as automatically identifying the organizations that need to be notified. Initially, the ESDAL will return a list of contacts for each route. Automatic notification will be added during later phases.

Digital routes will open up whole new areas of analysis to support planners in Great Britain. For example, the HA will have capabilities to understand the volume and distribution of movements; identify trends; and compare the effectiveness of different routes. The later stages of the project will use feedback within the ESDAL Web interface to suggest established routes to haulers, allowing quicker route planning and reduced risk and cost.

NAVTEQ will provide the underlying digital mapping on top of which haulers sketch their routes. The system will use NAVTEQ data to convert the lines of sketched routes into a list of real-world road segments, which can then be used in ESDAL’s automated processes.

The ESDAL will be implemented in four phases. Phase one is expected to go live around spring 2005. The final implementation phase, which includes sophisticated routing analysis and Web-based notification, is expected in 2006.

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