Intergraph Convenes GeoSpatial World 2005

Annual users conference combines technical sessions, live demonstrations and hands-on workshops for enabling the spatial enterprise

SAN FRANCISCO, April 26, 2005 - GeoSpatial World 2005 - Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions and the Intergraph GeoSpatial Users Community (IGUC) today opened GeoSpatial World 2005, the annual international training and management conference, in San Francisco, Calif., showcasing strategies, advantages and solutions for enabling spatial enterprises. Halsey Wise, President and CEO, Intergraph Corporation, opened the event, outlining the company’s vision as a leader in spatial information management solutions. During his keynote address, Wise highlighted Intergraph’s full of range of spatial information management products and services, reinforcing the company’s continued commitment to delivering innovative solutions that create the greatest value for its customers.

Preetha Pulusani, President, Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions, followed Wise, addressing a crowd representing more than 50 countries. Pulusani outlined the role spatial information management plays while explaining how Intergraph is facilitating open spatial enterprises for the future. In addition to Pulusani’s emphasis on the vital need to share and access data and the necessity of interoperable solutions, she also discussed Web Services and open relational databases, stressing how they are influencing access to spatial data.

“Intergraph is committed to enabling our customers to visualize their data and make the best use of their assets,” said Pulusani. “Through innovation and our customer partnerships, we are moving the industry to embrace open spatial enterprises, which will empower enterprises with integrated spatial information that helps improve productivity and cut operational costs.”

Also at the conference, Intergraph announced the upcoming release of GeoMedia(R) 6.0 and G/Technology(TM) 9.3. GeoMedia 6.0 brings hundreds of new and improved commands for an organization’s spatial enterprise. The many enhancements in 6.0 combine to deliver increased data accuracy, efficiency and productivity. With the creation of new geospatial environments, GeoMedia can be more easily deployed around the enterprise. New Web Services provide capabilities to help integrate geospatial data in mainstream business applications. Additionally, an advanced map display environment delivers high-quality cartographic output.

G/Technology 9.3 updates include enhanced CAD integration for improved productivity and usability; additional API, extending customization capabilities; distance-based tracing to further enable analysis; incremental updates that streamline providing up-to-date information to the field; and extended CAD-like maintenance tools for streamlined workflows and improved usability.

Conference offers full agenda focused on managing and applying geospatial information

The conference is a premier event for Intergraph customers and individuals interested in learning more about managing and applying geospatial information and solutions from an international perspective. GeoSpatial World 2005 features more than 200 technical sessions, including thematic sessions, technical presentations and demos, panel discussions, hands-on and lecture workshops, keynote and plenary sessions and IGUC Network meetings.

Organized by tracks, the technical program focuses on implementations for government; military and intelligence; photogrammetry and remote sensing; transportation; and utilities and communications industries. In addition to the technical program, a Foundations track includes topics that are broad in scope and applicable to more than one industry, such as spatial analysis, data management, metadata standards, enterprise warehouses and location-based services platform technology, as well as topics on products and technology in general. A Really Neat Stuff track showcases new and innovative use of Intergraph technology being applied in industries outside of Intergraph’s traditional markets.

In conjunction with the conference, a one-day Education Symposium will be held to provide information about innovative geospatial research and instruction for educators and academic researchers in K-12 schools, colleges and universities. Pre-conference training seminars took place on April 25. These interactive, intensive training sessions offered practical course content and hands-on training. Sold-out site tours showcasing real-world applications for geospatial resource management, enterprise GIS and geospatial infrastructure management also took place on April 25.

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