Intergraph Announces 3D Laser Scanning Data Integration Advancements for SmartPlant Review

Integration of Point Cloud Data Within Intergraph 3D Visualization Tool Showcased at SPAR 2005 Conference

HOUSTON, May 23, 2005 – Intergraph Corporation announced today that laser scanning vendors Quantapoint and Zoller + Frölich have joined BitWyse and Leica Geosystems HDS in enabling point cloud data integration within Intergraph SmartPlant® Review 5.1. SmartPlant Review ( is the first high-performance 3D visualization and design review software to offer vendor-neutral existing conditions data capture integration within the plant modeling environment.

Integration of point cloud data within SmartPlant Review helps lower the time, effort and cost of process plant retrofit engineering and construction projects. As the comprehensive visualization environment for the Intergraph Plant Design System (PDS®), SmartPlant Review helps engineers take advantage of accuracy and completeness of point clouds for retrofit design projects. Such existing condition data integration translates into less construction rework due to interferences and fit-up problems and helps eliminate costly field fabrication.

Intergraph made the announcement and the five companies are demonstrating their respective integration capabilities at SPAR 2005, the only conference for the business and technology of advanced terrestrial 3D laser scanning. Intergraph is a co-sponsor of the event, which explores continuing advancements in capturing and documenting existing-conditions data for design, construction and operations.

Companies Offer Innovative Capabilities for SmartPlant Review Integration

BitWyse Solutions, Inc. ( is shipping LASERGen software to display, manage and use point cloud data directly within the design environment.

Leica Geosystems HDS LLC ( is shipping CloudWorx 1.0 for SmartPlant Review along with its 3D laser scanning hardware and software systems.

Quantapoint ( is demonstrating PRISM 3D, which combines 3D models with photorealistic 3D laser models in SmartPlant Review.

Zoller + Frölich ( is demonstrating LFM Server for SmartPlant Review, which provides 3D laser scanning data integration with modeling capabilities.

Intergraph System Displays, Manipulates Point Clouds

Intergraph SmartPlant Review 5.1 point cloud capabilities include loading, displaying and manipulating data from software offered by laser scanning software vendors. As an open, vendor-neutral integration tool, SmartPlant Review provides collision detection, measurement and full walk-through and view manipulation features for point clouds. The software accurately displays the proposed retrofit 3D model within the point cloud defining the existing conditions. Point cloud visualization and manipulation in SmartPlant Review builds on the legacy of integrated point cloud support within PDS for operating plant engineering and detail design.


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