Dallas County, Iowa, Selects Intergraph Web Mapping Solutions

U.S. top 10 fastest growing county streamlines customer service through interactive Internet site

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 16, 2005 --Intergraph today announced that Dallas County, Iowa, one of the top 10 fastest growing counties in the United States, is using Intergraph Web mapping solutions to speed delivery of customer requests for geospatial data. The county created a new, easily navigable Web site, http://geodallas.co.dallas.ia.us/, enabling users to create maps and visualize other location-specific information from home or office computers, thus eliminating trips to the county courthouse. Not only does the new site save time and money for citizens and businesses, but it also allows county personnel to focus on other functions to support the area’s tremendous growth.

“With the current explosion of growth, it is becoming more and more imperative that citizens have access to a wide variety of data created by the county,” said Todd Noah, GIS coordinator of the Dallas County’s GIS Department. “Intergraph solutions provided us an effective, easy-to-implement means to better serve the needs of our residents and local businesses.”

Using GeoMedia® WebMap technology, the site integrates disparate datasets from six different county offices including property lines, centerline data, rivers, lakes, political borders, section lines, property owner description data and more. Web site visitors can use online tools to plot to scale and plot aerial photos, gather general property data, find a voting location, query buffer zones in relation to houses, look up real estate taxes and view assessment data.

Since the Web site went online earlier this year Web traffic is averaging 400 unique users a day, and foot traffic and telephone inquiries related to acquiring geographic information have dropped by 50 percent in various county offices.

“The Intergraph solution offers citizens and departments within the government a way to reach information via the Web without ever having to leave their home or office – enabling faster, more informed decision-making,” said Mark Doherty, Director, Government Product Planning, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure. “With the geospatial data easily accessible to the public in real time, Dallas County can reallocate its money and manpower to better serve the needs of a growing county. For government entities this means that already limited resources can be repositioned to meet the growing demands faced every day.”


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