Intergraph’s Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera Selected by Digital Mapping Inc.

Digital Camera will Enable DMI to Provide Customers with More Data Options and Faster Turnaround

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 27, 2005 – Intergraph Corporation today announced Digital Mapping Inc. (DMI), a leading West Coast firm in Huntington Beach, Calif., specializing in photogrammetric mapping, has purchased the company’s Z/I Imaging DMCâ digital mapping camera. The DMC provides DMI the flexibility that comes from a digital acquisition platform. This fully digital production environment shortens the delivery cycle of projects from small-scale orthophotos to large-scale engineering mapping products to multispectral products for remote sensing applications. With the purchase of the digital mapping camera, DMI is one of the first companies on the West Coast to provide mapping products that take advantage of the accuracy and quality offered by a completely digital, end-to-end photogrammetric process.

“Intergraph will assist DMI in meeting its goals of expanding production operations and the ability to offer customers quick delivery of high-quality photogrammetric products,” said Gadi BenMark, general manager of Transportation and Commercial Photogrammetry, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure Division. “DMI’s investment in the DMC demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing commercial and government customers with the most precise and flexible mapping products for increased productivity and quality.”

Time- and cost-saving benefits are two reasons DMI chose the DMC. An important differentiator for DMI is the flexibility in acquiring multi-spectral data that enables the generation of black and white, natural color and false-color infrared imagery from a single airborne data set. The DMC’s range of applications allows DMI to expand its reach into nontraditional mapping markets as part of its growth strategy. Eliminating the associated cost and time of film processing and scanning further streamlines DMI’s current production processes. This ensures DMI can provide quick turnaround on imagery and downstream photogrammetric products for its customers.

“The DMC will let us expand our operations to better serve our customers,” said Gencaga Aliyazicioglu, Chief Executive Officer, DMI. “The DMC has many benefits that help us save time and cost so that we can, in turn, deliver better quality imagery to our customers faster. The DMC offers more flexibility and accuracy than any large format digital camera on the market. As one of the first West Coast mapping firms to offer a large format digital acquisition platform, we are excited about the prospects for both our customers and our company.”


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