Intergraph Shipping SmartPlant 3D 6.0

Enhancements to Production-ready Modeling Environment Support Engineering Productivity

SHANGHAI, China, July 11, 2005 – Intergraph Corporation is shipping the newest version of SmartPlant(R) 3D, the breakthrough plant design software that eliminates the productivity barriers imposed by current generation technology. The 6.0 version of SmartPlant 3D provides new capabilities and hundreds of enhancements ranging from integration and model translation to global worksharing, drawing production and reporting. SmartPlant 3D transforms advanced functionality, usability and work process improvement into business benefit to cut schedules, boost productivity and increase engineering quality. These benefits are enabled by breakthroughs in usability, rules-based design, global worksharing, drawing automation, real-time clash detection and operating plant support.

SmartPlant 3D 6.0 publishes models and data for engineering enterprise-wide use through the SmartPlant Foundation integration and workflow management hub. Additional integration now extends to SmartPlant Instrumentation and SmartPlant Electrical to further support up- and downstream concurrent engineering and to SmartPlant Review for 3D visualization. SmartPlant 3D references MicroStation models directly, enabling organizations to significantly extend the value of existing designs – especially those required for revamp projects.

Increased global worksharing performance makes SmartPlant 3D even more useful in supporting worldwide concurrent engineering and interference detection. Automated drawing production enhancements include improved performance for piping isometric drawings, new orthographic and isometric drawing types and batch scheduling for drawing generation during off-peak hours. Report improvements include simplified creation and editing of reports as well as a number of new report types ready for immediate use.

Gerhard Sallinger, president, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine, said, “Industry leaders and visionaries like Bechtel, Chiyoda, Fluor, Shaw Stone & Webster and many others have intensively tested and are implementing SmartPlant 3D. Productivity analysis with experienced users of 1970s-era technology like PDMS indicates a 15 to 34 percent reduction in modeling costs through use of SmartPlant 3D, with additional productivity gains from cross-discipline integration within the SmartPlant Enterprise.”

Shaw Stone & Webster is using SmartPlant 3D in production for a number of projects in global worksharing mode. G. Patrick Thompson, Jr., senior vice president and CIO, Shaw Stone & Webster, said, “Shaw Stone & Webster is working on projects using SmartPlant 3D worksharing among U. S. and international engineering centers in Charlotte, Denver, Boston, Toronto, Mumbai, Houston and London. This capability is expected to shorten schedules, increase design productivity, improve project execution and promote our global competitiveness. The system is fully integrated with our material management, project management and fabrication systems.”

Shaw Stone & Webster’s Dave Hargy, director of engineering technologies, said, “SmartPlant 3D continues to demonstrate business value. In preliminary benchmarking, we determined SmartPlant 3D increases equipment and piping design productivity over current systems by some 30 percent, through reduced command entries and its streamlined user interface. Intergraph’s commitment and support in helping Shaw Stone & Webster make SmartPlant 3D a success also has been noteworthy.” The company is among the growing base of firms migrating to SmartPlant 3D and is one of the major clients involved in guiding Intergraph’s development direction.

Intergraph made the announcement at its APEX Shanghai international conference, where SmartPlant 3D is prominently featured in client presentations, demonstrations and workshops through July 13.


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