Intergraph Deployed at Largest Local Gas Supplier in Western Europe

Mobile Workforce Management System Streamlines Trouble Response

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., August 2, 2005 – Intergraph Corporation today announced Berliner Gaswerke Aktiengesellschaft (GASAG), the largest municipal gas supply company in Western Europe, has deployed Intergraph’s mobile workforce management software to streamline and integrate trouble reporting, field response, and repair processes. Intergraph, in cooperation with partners, Condat AG and Planung-Programmierung-Schulung (PPS/EDV) GmbH, successfully implemented the new central call center system within one year. The new solution, based on Intergraph InService(TM) technology, supports the maintenance department’s entire business workflow from the moment a gas fault is reported and a crew is dispatched, to capturing and archiving the operational information on the repair work and completion. With InService GASAG can shorten response times, improve the quality of services, and better ensure the safety of a large customerbase.

“With 700,000 customers and a pipe network of more than 6,800 kilometers in Berlin, GASAG is the largest municipal gas supply company in Western Europe,” said Stephan Boy, manager, GASAG Maintenance Department. “To make sure we carry out the job of supplying gas properly, it isn’t enough to have the right structure and well-qualified staff. We must also have a high-quality, global IT system for handling all relevant business processes.”

The central operations management part of the new system has a graphical component that displays operational locations and vehicle positions, along with the entire pipe network on a digital map. Job details are passed on to mobile maintenance units and status and operational information is fed back non-verbally via the mobile telephony system. Details and the cause of the problem along with the materials used and the time required to do the job are recorded using an online operations form in the vehicle. This information is then transferred via the radio link directly to the central SAP system for further processing. Maintenance department employees are alerted in three ways to ensure the call will reach the relevant person, even if out of the vehicle.

“Using this complex, integrated system, we’ve been able to demonstrate our efficiency in terms of providing early warnings and emergency management,” said Stefan Wiesner, CEO, Condat AG. “The setup achieved by GASAG in this instance can also be applied easily in other operational areas with a little imagination and effort such as in the chemical industry and fire, ambulance and rescue service.”

The new system supports GASAG’s maintenance department in meeting the requirements set out in the new German GW1200 code of practice. When a gas fault is reported, the emergency crew must be at the location of the event within 30 minutes. In addition, every fault and the related repair work must be fully documented and archived.

“The selection of Intergraph InService technology by GASAG reinforces the demands from large gas and utilities companies to have fully integrated IT systems and business processes for the management, maintenance and operations of the critical services they provide,” said Jay Stinson, vice president and general manager, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure. “InService provides GASAG dispatchers and field personnel the unique ability to visually depict the pipe and street networks, vehicle locations and all the relevant data associated with reporting gas faults and their location.”


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With 700,000 customers and pipe network of more than 6,800 km in Berlin GASAG is the largest municipal gas supply company in Western Europe. For more information about GASAG, visit the company’s Web site at

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