Intergraph Unveils IntelliShip 6.0

Offers Opportunity to Significantly Improve Ship Design and Construction Process

BUSAN, South Korea, August 23, 2005 – Intergraph Corporation today announced the newest version of its advanced IntelliShip® software for shipbuilding. The 6.0 version of IntelliShip provides new capabilities and enhancements in ship molded form design, manufacturing planning, structural manufacturing and drawings along with improved performance in these respective areas. The IntelliShip 6.0 release, available now, represents Intergraph’s continued commitment shared with clients and business partners to provide shipbuilding software that appreciably lowers manpower and material costs and significantly reduces overall design and construction outlays and schedules.

For ship outfitting, new capabilities and enhancements include those for drawing production, reporting and model translation. Automated drawing production enhancements include improved performance for piping isometric drawings, new orthographic and isometric drawing types and batch scheduling for drawing generation. Report improvements include simplified creation and editing of reports as well as a number of new report types ready for immediate use.

Intergraph now also provides capability to reference AVEVA Tribon hull objects and structural designs in IntelliShip for outfitting. The capability allows Tribon users to apply advanced Intergraph technology for outfitting while continuing to use Tribon for structural tasks. Intergraph is demonstrating the capability at the International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding, where IntelliShip is at center stage.

Gerhard Sallinger, president, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine, said, “Companies using Tribon can now implement Intergraph’s highly-productive 3D software for outfitting by referencing Tribon structural designs in IntelliShip. They can begin implementing the advanced Intergraph ship design technology today with limited impact on their engineering IT infrastructure. Intergraph’s core commitment is to provide clients with open and flexible solutions that enable improved work processes for competitive advantage.”

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) Vice President Yeong Soo Bae, Ph.D., said, “IntelliShip will make tremendous changes in the traditional ship design and construction process and these changes put SHI well on the way to our goal of significantly reducing design and construction errors and associated costs.” Bae is directing IntelliShip design efforts at SHI, which is using IntelliShip on a growing number of projects at its Geoje shipyard, among the largest marine production facilities in the world.

Intergraph IntelliShip ( 3D modeling and engineering software streamlines shipbuilding and marine work processes, appreciably lowering manpower, material costs, overall design and construction capital and shortening schedules. IntelliShip heralds the obsolescence of existing CAD-constrained, heavily customized ship design and engineering software.

The multidiscipline software addresses conceptual and detail design of ships and components, plan approval, production planning, manufacturing, construction and risk management. IntelliShip supports data re-use, global worksharing, configuration and lifecycle data management, cost optimization and business system integration. Providing secure access to engineering data, IntelliShip is also the hub of a shared repository for all ship design, construction and lifecycle management information. For accelerating design, fabrication, procurement and construction schedules, IntelliShip eliminates many of the sequential dependencies of the traditional, outmoded and limited CAD-based design process.

Intergraph made the announcement today at the International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding (ICCAS), where IntelliShip is featured prominently in presentations, demonstrations of its Tribon model referencing capability and in a major technical paper. On Thursday, the Intergraph co-authored technical paper, “IntelliShip Structural Design,” will be presented by Mike Polini, development manager, Global Research and Development Corp., in session A31-2. Polini also later will present the plenary address, “The Shipyard of the Future: The Impact of New Technology on Shipbuilding.” Intergraph is a co-sponsor of ICCAS, which concludes here at the BEXCO Center on August 25.


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