Largest Aerial Survey Company in Germany Chooses Intergraph Digital Mapping Camera

Hansa Luftbild Selects DMC as Industry Best Camera for Complete Digital Workflow

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Sept. 12, 2005 – Intergraph Corporation today announced Hansa Luftbild Sensorik und Photogrammetrie GmbH (Hansa Luftbild), Germany’s largest and longest established photoflight company, has selected Intergraph’s Z/I Imaging® DMC® digital mapping camera to establish a fully digital photogrammetric workflow. One of the largest private European aerial survey companies, Hansa Luftbild provides a wide range of photogrammetric services to commercial and government customers. With the DMC, the company will be able to provide digital acquisition, speed delivery of high-quality imagery, and offer enhanced aerial image options – black and white, color and infrared imagery.

“After long, careful consideration we selected Intergraph’s Z/I Imaging DMC as the best digital mapping camera in the industry,” said Prof. Dr. Ralf Schroth, managing director, Hansa Luftbild. “Our long-standing relationship made Intergraph the natural decision. The company has always been a leader in Photogrammetric technology, and the DMC will enable us to streamline our workflows to address a growing need in the industry for earth imagery worldwide.”

Hansa Luftbild chose the DMC to be used alternatively with its existing film-based RMK TOP camera systems. Enhanced image quality, accuracy and speed as well as cost savings from eliminating film processing and scanning will enable Hansa Luftbild to meet the increased demand for digital imagery. In addition, with the DMC Hansa Luftbild can ensure successful photoflights, even under variable weather conditions.

“With the DMC Hansa Luftbild will keep pace with the needs of their customer base for up-to-date imagery for a growing infrastructure,” said Horst Harbauer, vice president central Europe operations and sales, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure division. “As a world leader in the photogrammetric industry, Intergraph’s DMC is one of the most flexible and accurate digital mapping cameras on the market. Hansa Luftbild’s selection of Intergraph’s DMC along with purchases from China, Spain, United States, and many other countries demonstrates Intergraph’s ability to meet the industry’s demand for high quality imagery with a completely digital photogrammetric process.”


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About Hansa Luftbild

The Hansa Luftbild Group is active in the field of geo-information for more than 80 years, with branch offices and subsidiary companies in Europe, North Africa, Arabia and Asia. The company also cooperates internationally with organizations such as the Open Geospatial Consortium. A customer-oriented company, the Hansa Luftbild Group unites three business areas, each specializing in the compilation and refinement of spatial data and international consulting, as well as coordinating the integration of large-scale international projects in sensor technology, photogrammetry and geographical information systems.

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