Intergraph Now Offering Feature Analyst for GeoMedia

New Offering Provides Enhanced Information Capabilities for Critical Infrastructure Protection Decision Support

San Antonio, Texas, Oct. 31, 2005 – Intergraph today unveiled Feature Analyst for GeoMedia at the GeoInt 2005 Symposium at the Henry B. Gonzalez Conference Center. The product was developed by Visual Learning Systems, Inc. (VLS) in Missoula, Mont. as an add-on tool for Intergraph’s GeoMedia platform.

Available only from Intergraph, Feature Analyst for GeoMedia provides automated recognition and extraction of features, such as ships docked in a harbor and earthquake-damaged roadways and buildings in digital imagery. The product will integrate with two key Intergraph platforms and enable mapping, security and intelligence agencies to increase efficiency and accuracy in feature extraction and reduce decision and response time cycles. By speeding map production and decision-making processes, Intergraph enables geo-intelligence leaders to more effectively execute missions and protect communities and critical infrastructure.

“This partnership with VLS underpins Intergraph’s strong commitment to the military and intelligence industries and the security concerns of our customers,” said Dr. Umit Basoglu, executive vice president, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure. “Intergraph gives customers the information they need, when they need it, to make crucial decisions for critical infrastructure protection.”

Feature Analyst for GeoMedia will enhance the Geo-Intelligence Production System® (GIPS) and ImageScout image exploitation platforms. The sophisticated capabilities of Feature Analyst integrated with the GIPS solution provides automated extraction of large quantities of detailed map features from underlying imagery, increasing reliability and making map production less tedious. For example, when comparing before and after images of coastal communities affected by hurricanes, users can make a rapid determination of affected structures and viability of access routes.

“This is a natural synergy between Intergraph’s GeoMedia products and the VLS Feature Analyst product,” said Dr. David Optiz, CEO, VLS. “Analysts will be able to run extended analysis on extracted features for an even more powerful analytical solution than they had previously. We are excited to be partnering with Intergraph to increase efficiency in the workflow for map production and image analysis.”

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