Intergraph Debuts IntelliShip 6.1

Core of Intergraph Marine Enterprise, the most advanced shipbuilding technology, to be showcased at SNAME

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., October 10, 2006 -- Intergraph Corporation (NASDAQ: INGR) today announced the release of IntelliShip® v6.1 SP1, the foundation of Intergraph Marine Enterprise. Intergraph will be showcasing the Marine Enterprise portfolio at the 2006 SNAME Maritime Technology Conference & Expo and Ship Production Symposium, October 10-13, 2006 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.  

Intergraph Marine Enterprise suite is the company’s next generation solution for streamlining shipbuilding design processes, featuring a full range of flexible ship design, fabrication, assembly, and life cycle management capabilities within a single integrated environment. By preserving existing legacy data and making it re-usable, Intergraph Marine Enterprise drives design and production efficiency, empowering shipbuilders to increase the number of ships build per year. By ensuring design accuracy and consistency, Intergraph Marine Enterprise helps shipbuilders and owners with better decision support capabilities to facilitate global design, construction and life cycle optimization to drive increased productivity, quality and reliability - ultimately making shipyards and ship owners more competitive.

The core component of the Intergraph Marine Enterprise suite, IntelliShip represents the most advanced technology for the design, production and maintenance of marine vessels. IntelliShip delivers flexibility, working with a wide range of shipbuilding information, such as geometries from naval architecture software, which can easily be imported, stored and used in IntelliShip. The software also allows users to import and integrate AVEVA Tribon structural data, enabling organizations to easily transition to Intergraph’s new, powerful technology by easily migrating legacy data or to work in a hybrid mode using both systems in parallel.

“Intergraph Marine Enterprise drives faster, better and more cost effective ship design and construction,” noted Patrick Holcomb, executive vice president, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine. “The SNAME Conference and Ship Production Symposium is the ideal venue for us to introduce Intergraph Marine Enterprise and the newest release of IntelliShip, and we are looking forward to sharing this new technology which will offer the world’s leading shipbuilders an entirely new system for managing the ship lifecycle.”

Intergraph Sessions
Intergraph will showcase the capabilities of the Marine Enterprise offering, including IntelliShip, at SNAME. Its Innovation Session will explore the next generation suite for ship lifecycle management and how shipbuilders are benefiting from their investment in IntelliShip Enterprise. Additionally, Intergraph will present “An Architecture for Integrating Shipbuilding Software Applications,” a paper demonstrating an integrated shipbuilding environment.

For more information about Intergraph Marine Enterprise or IntelliShip v6.1, visit Intergraph at booth 618 during SNAME or visit


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