Intergraph's GeoMedia Transportation Offering Drives Efficiency for Departments of Transportation

GeoMedia Transportation Manager & GeoMedia Transportation Analyst v6.0.3 are the first to natively support Multilevel Linear Referencing Systems

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., December 21, 2006 -- Intergraph Corporation today announced the availability of GeoMedia Transportation Manager and GeoMedia Transportation Analyst version 6.0.3, the first commercial off-the-shelf product to support Multilevel Linear Referencing Systems and Linear Referencing System Conflation. This release solves many of the oldest and most time-consuming issues facing managers of linear referencing data.

Key functionality resulting from native support for Multilevel Linear Referencing Systems ranges from handling of multiple linear referencing methods and multiple network representations, to securing event data location stability, to preserving the history of the network. Intergraph’s Linear Referencing System Conflation capability allows users to intelligently combine different data sets. For example, users may update geometry data with linework newly acquired via GPS, while maintaining road names and measures, or vice-versa.  This Linear Referencing System Conflation is unique in its ability to handle road network data regardless of variations in how the two data sets are segmented.

Additionally, GeoMedia Transportation v6.0.3 includes the ability to perform analyses using various network representations, the ability to maintain location stability even when road names change or are realigned and recalibrated, enhanced functionality when used in conjunction with GeoMedia Transaction Manager featuring the ability to build, maintain, and analyze a temporal history of a linear network and its associated data.

 “GeoMedia Transportation is helping analysts to be more productive and drive value from their geospatial data,” said Alice Dilbeck, vice president and general manager, Intergraph Public Safety and Government. “Intergraph continues to provide our customers systems that use the power of Intergraph’s industry leading linear referencing capabilities, integrating many types of business data so that they may streamline their business processes. Our commitment to innovation has enabled us to set GeoMedia Transportation apart from the competition.”


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