Chematur Engineering AB Improves Productivity and Design Quality with SmartPlant 3D

Production Success Driven by Global Work Sharing and Automated Drawings

HUNTSVILLE, AL, April 13, 2006 – Intergraph Corporation <NASDAQ: INGR> today announced Chematur Engineering AB (CEAB), a group of chemical engineering companies in Sweden, USA, Germany, Finland, and India, supplying more than 1000 plants to customers throughout the world, is implementing Intergraph’s SmartPlant Enterprise across its world-wide operations. Following the successful implementation of SmartPlant 3D and the resulting significant improvements in productivity and design, CEAB decided to move forward with an integrated SmartPlant Enterprise implementation.

“We are currently executing between four and six production projects simultaneously with SmartPlant 3D and are seeing productivity gains of more than 30% with major improvements in design quality.  In fact, we recently finished a project delivery in record time with the best quality ever”, said Håkan Andersson, Engineering Manager at Chematur Engineering AB. “One major benefit of SmartPlant 3D is the superior global work sharing capabilities that enable us to use high value engineering centers while maintaining full control over the progress in the project in real time. Since Intergraph introduced its vision for the next generation of plant design and engineering solutions we have followed the evolution of SmartPlant 3D.   Although we reviewed competing products on the market, it shortly became very clear to us that the superior technical solution was SmartPlant 3D. Further, Intergraph’s strong market position and complete product portfolio of next generation technology makes Intergraph an ideal partner for Chematur”.

Following the adoption and successful use of Smartplant 3D, CEAB is moving to standardize on Intergraph’s entire SmartPlant portfolio under a three year global agreement. Once fully deployed CEAB will be able to further cut schedules, boost productivity and increase engineering quality across its world wide engineering enterprise.

Intergraph’s advanced engineering and design product portfolio has been developed to integrate engineering and schematics, modeling and design, materials management, project controls, and information management within project and business processes. The portfolio provides advanced functionality, usability and work process improvement, global work sharing, drawing automation, and operating plant support.

“Our vision for SmartPlant 3D was to develop a technology that would be the core application in our suite of next generation of plant engineering and design solutions embodied in SmartPlant Enterprise,” said Gerhard Sallinger, President, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine. “The adoption by the market and success achieved through SmartPlant 3D by Chematur and many other world leading engineering procurement and construction organizations is a clear validation of our vision and the competitive advantage SmartPlant 3D is providing today, as many organizations move to the next generation of plant engineering and design.”


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About Chematur Engineering

Chematur Engineering is a group of chemical engineering companies in Sweden, USA, Germany, Finland, and India. They began their chemical engineering activities in the early 1930s and have since then evolved into a modern engineering company, with expertise in all fields necessary for carrying out complete projects.

The Chematur Engineering group of companies has supplied more than 1000 plants to customers throughout the world, through there well-established network of companies, sales offices, and agents, together serving most of the countries in the world and is today working with many projects like isocyanates, bioethanol, hydrogen peroxide, etc. For more information please visit,

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