City of San Jose Honors Intergraph Employee

Senior Systems Consultant Bruce Hall Recognized For Excellent Service and Contributions

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 28, 2006 – Intergraph Corporation (NASDAQ: INGR) today announced that the San Jose (Calif.) Department of Public Works has officially recognized Senior Systems Consultant Bruce Hall for “outstanding technical services provided to the city” relating to projects associated with the GeoSpatial Land Infrastructure System (GLIMS).

For more than two years, Hall has shared his expertise on numerous projects, including (but not limited to):

- Collaboration with the city’s GIS team to construct a data model that conforms to San Jose’s key business needs and processes, integrates with other business systems and codes intelligence into the GLIMS environment.

- Development of software training tailored specifically to then City’s workflows and datasets and drafted a custom, 120-page manual to assist the staff with training and reference.

 -Streamlining the public safety data loading workflow process to facilitate the integration of the street centerline and related datasets from the GIS system into the CAD system.

 -Provided support for the export and integration of the public works parcel fabric data into the planning database and the public safety CAD system.

The Department of Public Works has been recognized internally for their achievements and the City has been recognized by Intergraph and Oracle. They have also received industry recognition for their GLIMS implementation.

“Bruce is a vital resource to our employees because he consistently provides excellent service, and completes deliverables ahead of schedule and within budget,” said David Sykes, assistant director of Public Works. “We appreciate his proactive approach to ensuring the success of the Department’s GeoSpatial Land Infrastructure System (GLIMS).  Bruce has been instrumental in the City’s success and we look forward to working with him through the remainder of our project.”


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The City of San Jose Public Works Department has the primary responsibility to deliver facilities and infrastructure that meet the needs of the residents of San José and that comply with the standards and requirements established in the engineering guidelines and the City's Master Plans. The Department achieves its goals through planning, design and construction of the City's capital projects, and also through the plan review and permit process to regulate and facilitate private development projects. For more information, visit

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