Intergraph Announces I/Incident Analyst

Solution Delineates Incident Locations for Effective Deployment of Resources

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., August 8, 2006 -- Intergraph Corporation (NASDAQ: INGR) today announced the upcoming release of I/Incident Analyst, an intuitive mapping and pattern analysis solution specifically designed for public safety agencies.  With I/Incident Analyst, public safety agencies can distill data that are stored in Intergraph’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) or in Intergraph’s Records Management Systems (RMS) into a wide variety of maps and temporal reports.  The outputs from I/Incident Analyst effectively delineate incident patterns (i.e. convert complex data points into a view that can be easily read and understood by the layperson).

With this approach, public safety agencies can better leverage the data in their RMS and CAD systems and better serve their communities.  Specifically, I/Incident Analyst can be used to:  Discern spatial patterns, thereby allowing better understanding of where incidents occur with abnormal frequency and correlate these locations with factors such as time, offense, and other statistics; Prioritize areas and the conditions experienced within them; Locate where tactics have been deployed and assess their positive or negative impact; Identify emerging hot areas and predict where problems may arise; and Discover areas at risk to a specific type of incident.

“Incident locations are human phenomena and therefore have an inherent spatial quality, so we developed I/Incident Analyst to provide public safety agencies and policy makers with a solution to assist in identifying and dealing with areas of concern,” stated Alice Dilbeck, vice president, Intergraph Public Safety & Government.  “I/Incident Analyst gathers incident details recorded in the command and control environment or records management system and delivers information that can be employed in strategic and tactical assessment, pattern and risk analysis, and target profiling.  This intelligence allows agencies to better manage their resource deployment by anticipating incident activity levels and responding to them in a more timely fashion.”

I/Incident Analyst will be available to Intergraph customers worldwide in December, 2006.


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