Sanborn Leverages Intergraph for Unequalled Capability in Digital Airborne Collection & Processing

Intergraph Z/I Imaging® DMC® Digital Mapping Cameras & End-to-End Digital Workflow Deliver Fast, Accurate Information to Sanborn Customers

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., January 9, 2007 -- Intergraph Corporation and Sanborn, a leader in the geospatial industry, today announced an agreement for the procurement of four Intergraph Z/I Imaging®  DMC® Digital Mapping Cameras and end-to-end processing capabilities for all Sanborn aerial mapping locations.

“Sanborn has experienced significant growth over the last three years,” said John Copple, Sanborn CEO. “This growth, along with the market changes that are occurring, creates the necessity to invest in leading edge capabilities. This ensures that our customers have access to high quality digital aerial information while meeting their schedule and cost requirements.”

The Intergraph software and DMC camera systems are being delivered immediately and will be employed in Sanborn’s regional offices. With the delivery of the DMC cameras, Sanborn will have six large format digital frame cameras in operation. The multi-location production platform will provide common processes and procedures across all Sanborn locations and offers back up and recovery capabilities unmatched in the industry.

As its customers are moving forward with larger mapping programs while at the same time requiring increased resolution and faster delivery schedules, Sanborn has developed significant proprietary technology to respond to customer demands. By adding the advantages of a commercial solution, Sanborn will offer the greatest flexibility to its customers.

“The Intergraph DMC offers unmatched image quality, clarity and resolution in the marketplace.,” noted Reid French, Chief Operating Officer of Intergraph. “Sanborn’s purchase of four Intergraph DMC cameras and related Intergraph software for digital imagery production reinforces our leadership position in growing market for high quality digital end-to-end production workflows.”

Gary Eaton, vice president and general manager of Sanborn’s Charlotte office led the technical evaluations. “We subjected the DMC cameras to rigorous testing for accuracy, quality, and capability that significantly exceeded the standard acceptance testing for digital cameras,” stated Eaton. “The DMC camera system passed all our tests and met all of the Intergraph specifications. We are very pleased with the results, and we anticipate our customers to be equally pleased.”

“Intergraph worked with us to develop a very cost effective solution” said Bob Williams, vice president and general manager of Sanborn St. Louis. “Sanborn has continued to integrate capabilities across the company, and this is another step in the direction which will benefit our customers.”


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