DND Manages One-millionth Drawing Using Intergraph Directa Technology

Ottawa, ON. , Mar. 7, 2007 - Intergraph Canada is pleased to announce that the Department of National Defence (DND) in Canada has attained their one-millionth engineering drawing using Intergraph’s Directa repository technology. Directa provides a document-centric approach to data and file management with easy-to-use menus and commands. Directa allows the management of documents and drawings through revisioning, versioning, work process, and notifications. Directa also allows integration with other business products, such as MicroStation, AutoCAD and Microsoft Word.

In the mid to late 80’s the system was purchased to bring together all Drawing offices (DO) and Technical Data Service Centers (TDSC) to manage all technical data being produced at that time as well as implementing a totally automated authoring environment for engineering drawings and publications. The original Intergraph Technical Document Management system included the Network File Manager (NFM) software along with the Product Data Management (PDM) software. This system’s mandate was to manage all drawings, publications, Bill of Materials (BOM) and any other technical data used in the creation of a technical data package.

As DND moved away from the internal authoring of engineering data the need to enhance their data management capabilities required an update of the whole environment. Their large aperture card holdings needed to be moved from a legacy manual system (photographing the drawings, storing the aperture card and destroying the original) to the latest data management technology. This new direction included the upgrade of the software to Intergraph’s AIM/Directa technology which would also allow all users to be migrated from a UNIX based system to a Windows platform. In addition to the software upgrade the purchase of an aperture card scanner was required. Intergraph developed a custom interface to the Directa bulkloader to handle this uploading process by combining the scanned data with the digital holerith code into a bulkload package. DND has been scanning aperture cards and uploading the digital file, along with the Hollerith code, into the system for the past eight years daily. Early this year the total drawings being managed by the system surpassed the one-million mark.

Today, DND users from coast to coast can easily and efficiently access engineering drawings and other data when they need it using Intergraph’s Directa technology currently installed in many bases across the country.


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