Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise software to accelerate projects and improve design accuracy for Latin America's leading petrochemical company Braskem

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., May 22, 2007  – Braskem, Latin America’s leading petrochemical company, has selected Intergraph’s SmartPlant Enterprise engineering solutions to enhance productivity, increase the capacity of its industrial plants, and support the development of environmentally-compliant projects.  Sisgraph, Intergraph’s exclusive representative in Latin America, was responsible for the sale.

Braskem chose Intergraph’s SmartPlant Enterprise solutions including PDS® and SmartPlant Instrumentation to standardize its tools and improve the accuracy of materials surveys in response to its challenge of building a new piping system in existing plants without interfering with operations.

“We selected Intergraph’s solutions because they support our productivity requirements, can integrate multidisciplinary data, and reduce the time needed to create engineering designs. Additionally, Intergraph provides the most complete solution available and its technology is trusted by the market inside and outside of Brazil,” said Jorge Luis Menezes, Braskem’s engineering manager.

Because most plant improvement projects are made in real operating structures, Braskem’s engineering team needed to simulate how the new design will interact with the existing plant layout. Braskem plans to perform an as-built plant survey by combining Intergraph’s PDS 3D modeling capabilities with laser scanning technology.

“We plan to perform a laser scan of the plant to acquire an image of all of its physical objects. That image will become a 3D model which we will process through PDS to develop the project,” explained Ivo Andrei, Braskem’s piping specialist. Andrei said that Intergraph’s systems will reduce the time to design and construct new projects and will improve the overall quality of the projects, resulting in better materials acquisition and fewer operational disruptions as well as facilitate future plant modifications.

Sisgraph is providing training and support to Braskem and its partner engineering companies to ensure a successful implementation.


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