New Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation Model Loader Extends Benefits of SmartPlant Foundation to AVEVA PDMS Users

Updated model loader enhances interoperability by neutralizing PDMS proprietary source data to improve collaboration

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., May 22, 2007 – Intergraph’s new SmartPlant Foundation Model Loader now brings the benefits of Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation to AVEVA PDMS users permitting them the high integrity viewing and navigation capabilities and the same level of confidence previously available to Intergraph PDS customers.

With this new capability introduced to SmartPlant Foundation from Intergraph’s Process, Power & Marine division, AVEVA PDMS customers can more easily collaborate during engineering, procurement, and operations with a new level of interoperability, flexibility and cost and time savings.

Viewing is provided by the integrated SmartPlant Foundation model streaming viewer. Now remote users can rapidly view PDMS model graphics without the source application on the desktop and waiting for models to be distributed to the local file store.  As a result, global collaboration is increased, and waiting time and IT costs are reduced.

Navigation is provided by the integrated plant database – based on industry standards – that supports dynamic linking between the plant objects sourced from different applications. These linkages – some expressed as hierarchical drill-downs, while other provided by hyperlinks (hotspots) within the documents, drawings and models – afford engineers, purchasers, suppliers and maintainers the ability to browse the interconnected model, drawings, documents and associated information. This supports activities such as change impact analysis, decision support and operational excellence while saving time and improving accuracy. In the past, the only mechanism to achieve these initiatives involved lining the walls with prints.

SmartPlant Foundation captures PDMS 3D model data through its updated Model Loader (previously named PDS Framework Loader). The new name signals its broadened capabilities supporting both Intergraph PDS and AVEVA PDMS 3D model data. The SmartPlant Foundation Model Loader automates the rendering of PDMS data into a 3D streaming format. This neutralizes the data from its proprietary source application database. It also automates the correlation of PDMS 3D model data against plant objects provided by other applications.

For example, when the same equipment object exists on both a P&ID and a 3D model, the two objects are automatically correlated together. This enables the user to hyperlink from the 2D representation to the 3D environment, and back again, or via the plant hierarchy. This capability offers tremendous possibilities for increased operational excellence and plant safety.

The SmartPlant Foundation Model Loader, which includes the PDMS 3D capability, will be available for SmartPlant Foundation versions for SPF v2007 (v3.8 service pack 2) in June and SPF v3.7 customers in July.


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