Intergraph Showcases Next Generation Enterprise Image Management Solution

TerraShare integrates imagery into mission critical applications, drives immediate return on imagery investment

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., May 23, 2007 – Responding to the growing demand for imagery within geographic information systems (GIS), Intergraph Corporation today announced the latest release of TerraShare.

Image management is a rapidly growing segment of the GIS market worldwide; TerraShare provides organizations a full return on the millions of dollars invested in imagery by immediately providing access to all their users. With TerraShare, organizations are integrating imagery into time and mission critical applications like emergency response, highway design, and land information management applications for which imagery was not extensively used because it was too difficult or costly.

TerraShare provides an enterprise solution, structuring all available geospatial imagery into a single enterprise catalog which can be organized logically to meet user needs and workflows. End users can then easily find and access any image or area within an image without having to know the intrinsic complexities of particular image formats or learn specialized image processing technologies.

“Imagery is proliferating and becoming a viable option to provide context to a multitude of geospatial applications, dispatch and related information systems across the enterprise,” noted Lee Mashburn, vice president of product and solutions marketing, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure division. “With seamless integration to leading Computer Aided Design and GIS vendors, TerraShare empowers end-users while facilitating the job of content administrators through powerful content management tools supported by a database backend and seamless integration to Microsoft Windows. Imagery is critical information for a variety of applications and industries. One such example is during an emergency response operation, where it is extremely valuable if it can be immediately used for response coordination and planning. Additionally, imagery rounds up the complete scenario for disaster preparedness planning and ex-post evaluation and remediation, providing critical additional context and insight.”

TerraShare allows organizations to track, organize and secure file-based geospatial data; minimize network traffic and uncontrolled file duplication; facilitate discovery and access of imagery as easily as any other geospatial data; employ reliable and scaleable Open Geospatial Consortium Web Services for imagery; and maximize the return on investment in geospatial imagery.

This new release of TerraShare is being showcased during Intergraph 2007, highlighting recently added capabilities such as image extraction, grid to ground transformation, as well as an optimized engine that increase performance for both desktop and Web access enabling access of tera-pixel (1012) Raster Backdrops layers with sub-second response. For more information about TerraShare, please visit


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