CSC Joins Intergraph SmartPlant Alliance Program

Industry knowledge and expertise as a global SAP partner makes CSC a valuable ally

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., May 24, 2007 – CSC, a world leader in IT and business consulting services, has joined the Intergraph SmartPlant Alliance Program. With more than 78,000 employees in 88 countries, CSC’s rich expertise in business process transformation and enterprise IT system deployment will prove immensely valuable in assisting Intergraph clients in realizing the full potential of the SmartPlant Enterprise automation suite. 

“We understand that achieving the full benefits of our SmartPlant Enterprise technology often requires that our clients address the broader issues of modifying business processes, as well as technical, organizational and cultural change,” said Patrick Holcomb, executive vice president, global business development, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine.

“As we roll out our new SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operator offering with packaged SAP integrations, this becomes an even more important topic. We are very pleased to have CSC as a member of the SmartPlant Alliance Program assisting our clients in addressing these people, process, and technology challenges.”

Intergraph and CSC envision joint service offerings complementing the SmartPlant Enterprise solution suite which include the following: 

SmartPlant Enterprise Deployment Planning – For clients interested in achieving the broader benefits of the SmartPlant Enterprise beyond engineering tool deployment, a combined team of Intergraph and CSC consultants would apply the CSC CatalystSM methodology to develop a deployment “roadmap.” The team will assist the client in assessing best industry business practices and defining their vision for change. The team will then assess the client’s organizational, cultural, process and technology gaps to provide a phased, risk-managed transformation / implementation strategy and cost / benefit analysis. 

SmartPlant Enterprise Integration with SAP – Intergraph’s new SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner  Operator solution suite will offer business packages containing SAP-certified integrations between the SmartPlant suite and SAP applications including SAP Plant Maintenance and SAP Document Management. These NetWeaver®-based “out-of-the-box” integrations will be configurable to accommodate client’s particular business processes and SAP installations. CSC, as one of the first global SAP partners, will provide valuable assistance to Intergraph teams in tailoring and deploying these integrated solutions.

Hosted Solution Development LabsTM (SDL) – Intergraph clients often need a short term “sandbox” environment to evaluate new SmartPlant technologies, prototype new business processes, and assess those processes in hypothetical business scenarios. Intergraph, teamed with CSC’s global network of data centers and SDL strategy, can now make this possible. Furthermore, with CSC’s expertise as a SAPHosting partner, the Intergraph-CSC team can extend the SDL to offer a hosted SmartPlant / SAP environment to develop and refine integrated business processes with the client’s particular SAP configuration. 

SmartPlant Application Hosting and IT Outsourcing – In certain circumstances such as joint ventures, Intergraph clients desire long term IT support in deploying and maintaining the SmartPlant Enterprise automation infrastructure. By combining CSC’s global network of data centers and IT professionals with Intergraph domain expertise and SmartPlant product knowledge, the Intergraph-CSC team can address these needs with tailored service offerings including SmartPlant application hosting, customized on-site support, and client-focused 24x7 helpdesks. 

“CSC is working closely with Intergraph to develop a SmartPlant Integration Competency Center.  The combination of Intergraph’s SmartPlant Enterprise technology and domain experience with CSC’s business consulting and IT expertise provides a total engineering automation solution for the process and power industries,” said Paul Taroli, senior partner, CSC’s Consulting Group.


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CSC ( is a global leader in business consulting and IT services. CSC has consistently built upon decades of experience to deliver results in the global information technology marketplace. Some of the largest, most complex systems in use today were built and continue to be operated by CSC. Our 78,000 professionals integrate technologies and solutions across industries to create the Best Total SolutionTM— uniquely customized to meet the individual business goals of our clients.  Catalyst, Solution Development Lab, and Best Total Solution are service marks or trade marks of CSC.

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