Intergraph® and TRACK' AIR Team to Expand Mission Planning and Flight Management Options

Compatible software for Intergraph DMC to offer users more flexibility and time savings

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., April 30, 2008 — The Intergraph® digital mapping camera (DMC) will soon be compatible with leading aerial survey software from TRACK' AIR, offering TRACK' AIR users a smooth transition to all the benefits of using digital camera technology while still leveraging their existing mission planning and flight management technology. In addition to operating with the DMC, TRACK' AIR mission planning and flight management software will also work in conjunction with Intergraph's latest sensor management hardware.

"With this new compatibility, our crews can benefit from the high resolution of the DMC while having the flexibility of quickly planning missions and managing flights across multiple platforms," said Richard Crouse, president of professional aerial photographic services company, Richard Crouse & Associates. "As an organization that uses many different types of cameras and multiple planes, the ability to use TRACK' AIR software for all of our projects—including those with the DMC—will both reduce the time it takes to plan missions and save us significant training costs."

For organizations that do not need to manage non–Intergraph camera types, Intergraph continues to offer its own high–performance technology for 2D and 3D mission planning and reporting, and an integrated flight management system that come as components of the DMC. From creating initial flight plans, to controlling the DMC and all sensors within the airborne system during the flight, to generating reports and indices for the final exposures, Intergraph's mission planning and flight management technology is purpose–built and ideal for use with Intergraph cameras, closely integrating with and leveraging the additional technologies in Intergraph's end–to–end photogrammetry portfolio.

"Companies using a wide range of digital, film and LIDAR technology can use TRACK' AIR software for seamless mission planning and flight management across platforms," said J.P. Barriere, Managing Director at TRACK' AIR. "With the addition of the DMC to this list, more organizations will now be able to experience the ease–of–use and time– and cost–savings benefits of using a single platform and workflow for planning and managing all flights. Additionally, for organizations considering a transition from film to digital cameras, this compatibility lowers the cost of that transition by allowing companies to leverage existing workflows."

"Intergraph realizes that providing options that save our customers time and money is an important element of our business," said Klaus Neumann, camera systems product manager for Intergraph. "We have chosen to team with TRACK' AIR to provide our customers with optimal selection and flexibility in mission planning and flight management. Whether organizations choose to use Intergraph's own technology, or software from TRACK' AIR, we are confident that their flight planning and management experience will be intuitive and will result in successful missions."


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