Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise Key to Development and Operation of One of the World’s Largest Coal-Fired Power Plants

Enterprise engineering software provides intelligent 3D design, integrity assessment and installation planning

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 05, 2008 – Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise engineering solutions have proven instrumental in the design and successful operation of one of the world’s largest, multi-billion dollar coal-fired power generation plants.

The Yuhuan Power Plant, designed by the East China Electric Power Design Institute (ECEPDI), is a 4X1000 Megawatt power plant which began generation in 2008, and is capable of supplying power to two million people every day.

Costing in excess of $2.1 billion of the project investment, ECEPDI utilized SmartPlant Enterprise solutions to design the steam and water equipment, piping and piping support for the plant.

Zhao Hu, Vice Director, ECEPDI, said, "When we commissioned the Yuhuan Plant, we required a software solution that provides an integrated approach to design and plant information, rather than an engineering tool problem."

"We have been working with Intergraph for many years on a number of projects, and in the case of the Yuhuan Plant, we have found SmartPlant Enterprise solutions crucial to the successful development and operation of the plant."

In the development phase of this massive plant, SmartPlant was used to design the layout of the thermodynamic system. The plant also represents ECEPDI’s transition from traditional CAD platform design to the intelligent P&ID platform.

SmartPlant Enterprise solutions were used to undertake detailed modelling of the main plant’s structure, internal equipment, plant piping, and cable tray layout. More than 1,000 construction detail drawings were completed using SmartPlant Enterprise solutions.

ECEPDI utilised SmartPlant for the majority of design verification, which has capability to provide an extensive visualisation environment for interactively reviewing large, complex 3D design models. It provided designers with an automatic assessment of the plant’s design integrity, and even extended to planning the sequence of delivery and the layout of onsite installation and equipment during the construction phase.

Intergraph President, Process Power and Marine, Gerhard Sallinger, said, "The success of the Yuhuan Plant is testament to the capabilities of Intergraph plant design and management solutions.

"With accelerated construction programs arising out of the enormous growth of the Chinese power market, ECEPDI's use of Intergraph’s software products on such a large scale provides a benchmark for the power generation industry in China, and potentially the world."

"The use of Intergraph’s software promises to provide the engineering basis for China's plans to design and build hundreds of nuclear, gas and coal-fired electric power plants to meet the rising power demands of the country's continuing economic boom."

"Intergraph is proud of its association with ECEPDI, and proud of the success of its software offering at the Yuhuan Power Plant, and we look forward leading the way in software for the global power generation market."


About East China Electric Power Design Institute

East China Electric Power Design Institute (ECEPDI, is a regional planning, surveying and engineering institute. As leader of the electric power design field in China, ECEPDI provides comprehensive engineering, consulting, project management and contracting services for fossil fuel and conventional island nuclear power plants, substations and transmission projects including long-span river crossings. The institute engineered the first fossil fuel units made in China and conventional island for nuclear power plants as well as China's first 500 kilovolt high voltage direct current transmission project. ECEPDI has engineered more than 150 power plants with a total combined capacity of more than 37,075 megawatts. Founded in 1953, ECEPDI employs more than 1,000 people and is headquartered in Shanghai.

About Intergraph

Intergraph is the leading global provider of engineering and geospatial software that enables customers to visualize complex data. Businesses and governments in more than 60 countries rely on Intergraph's industry-specific software to organize vast amounts of data into understandable visual representations and actionable intelligence. Intergraph's software and services empower customers to build and operate more efficient plants and ships, create intelligent maps, and protect critical infrastructure and millions of people around the world.

Intergraph operates through two divisions: Process, Power & Marine (PP&M) and Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I).  Intergraph PP&M provides enterprise engineering software for the design, construction and operation of plants, ships and offshore facilities. Intergraph SG&I provides geospatially-powered solutions to the defense and intelligence, public safety and security, government, transportation, photogrammetry, utilities, and communications industries. For more information, visit


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