France’s Largest Aerial Survey Company Acquires Intergraph® Digital Mapping Camera

DMC® enables country’s oldest aerial survey company to successfully transition to digital image capture

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Oct. 1, 2008 – Aéro Photo Europe Investigation (A.P.E.I.), the largest and oldest private aerial survey company in France, has acquired a complete Intergraph® Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera (DMC®) airborne and ground processing system. This implementation marks the first DMC system to be used in France.

Due to an increasing demand among its customer base for digital images, A.P.E.I. chose the DMC to help the company transition from analog to digital aerial photogrammetry. “We have worked with other large-format cameras on the market, but the DMC comes out on top in terms of innovation, accuracy, reliability and ease of operation,” said Bruno Callabat, technical manager at A.P.E.I.

Upon purchasing the camera, A.P.E.I. had it up and running in just one week and captured 50,000 images with ground resolutions ranging from five to fifty centimeters during its first six months in operation. After the 2008 flight season, A.P.E.I. received positive feedback from both its customers and camera operators. “Our customers praised the geometric accuracy and radiometric quality of the images, while our camera operators were impressed with the DMC’s efficiency, user experience and the support provided by Intergraph,” said Callabat.

In addition to the DMC, A.P.E.I. has deployed a comprehensive portfolio of Intergraph digital photogrammetry technology to ensure the success of its missions. Among these technologies is Intergraph’s innovative Solid State Disk (SSD) technology, which is provided as part of the DMC. The first in the industry, this advanced storage concept significantly reduces the size and weight of the camera system and aircraft required to obtain high-quality imagery.

“We have also had great success working with Intergraph’s photogrammetry post-processing software, which has resulted in a simplified, streamlined workflow and superior images,” said Callabat. “Intergraph’s mission planning technology is also flexible and easy to use, so much so that we may also begin to use it with some of our other cameras,” he added.

“After experiencing many other large format cameras on the market, A.P.E.I. has decided to purchase a DMC to make a successful transition to digital image acquisition technology,” said Dr. Hartmut Rosengarten, manager, Z/I Imaging sales and business development with Intergraph. “The company’s decision truly speaks to the high level of quality, reliability and operational efficiency of the DMC. We are confident that A.P.E.I.’s acquisition of the DMC will lead to further demand and success for the camera in France and throughout EMEA.”

About A.P.E.I.
A.P.E.I. was founded in 1980 by a team of photogrammetrists, land surveyors and pilots. The company delivers digital aerial images to a variety of customers including private and public companies, photogrammetrists, land surveyors, local governments and cadasters throughout Europe and Africa.

About Intergraph
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