Intergraph® Releases New Piping Design Solution for Small Projects


Multi-purpose piping design and editing tool is easy to use and learn; provides rapid return on investment

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Dec. 9, 2008 – Intergraph® has released its newest SmartPlant® Enterprise solution for quickly and efficiently producing industry-standard pipeline isometric drawings for small piping projects. The most recent version of Intergraph’s industry-leading piping isometric sketching software increases engineering productivity with expanded capabilities, including a SmartPlant-style user interface, concurrent engineering of multi-pipelines, instant 3D visualization, display of dimensions, and enhanced selection and editing tools.

SmartPlant Isometrics is a next-generation tool offering many new features and improvements, making it more productive and superior to its predecessor. The new SmartPlant Isometrics solution for small projects is complementary to SmartPlant 3D, which is suited for larger, more complex piping design projects. Both piping design solutions are powered by ISOGEN®, the de facto standard solution used to generate piping isometrics completely and automatically.

Formerly known as I-Sketch, SmartPlant Isometrics now enables users to:

  • Design several unconnected pipelines within one session and produce pipeline isometric drawings for each
  • Create an instant 3D scaled view of pipelines, enabling new pipelines designed in a confined location to be visually clash checked with existing pipelines
  • Design complete connected piping systems and produce piping system isometrics

SmartPlant Isometrics is an ideal tool for a small plant-based engineering office. It can be used to implement small piping design projects, to bring existing designs up to as-built status and to maintain accurate plant documentation.

Based on ISOGEN technology, the industry standard for automatic generation of piping isometrics, SmartPlant Isometrics helps users to sketch piping systems in only minutes and generate isometric drawings with full bills of materials (BOMs) in seconds. This is a quick and easy improvement alternative to conventional 2D CAD packages or paper and pencil where drawing isometrics usually takes several hours and BOMs are frequently inaccurate or missing. The results provide substantial cost savings and productivity gains in piping isometric production. Once designed, the digital data (drawing, materials, welding, pipe cut lengths, etc.) can be transferred to the pipe fabricator – where it can be processed to define the fabrication spools and drawings using its companion product SmartPlant Spoolgen®.

Andreas Böing, Project Manager at Hertel-Enning, one of the leading German companies in the piping systems and plant construction sector, said, "We look forward to the additional features that SmartPlant Isometrics will provide us. After comprehensive tests Hertel-Enning is convinced that our company group can certainly benefit from the ability to handle multiple pipelines and piping systems from the P&ID through design, fabrication and construction into plant operations."

Gerhard Sallinger, president, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine, said, “This release represents the culmination of a dedicated effort to provide new functionality and integrate SmartPlant Isometrics into the SmartPlant Enterprise. We are fully committed to developing industry leading technology, and SmartPlant Isometrics fits that role quite well for sketching piping systems and generating piping isometrics and BOM’s.”

SmartPlant Isometrics is a seamless upgrade to existing I-Sketch users and will be free of charge to customers with current maintenance agreements.

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