Intergraph® Advances Smart Grid Technology
for Increased Network Reliability, Efficiency
and Security


Latest version of smart grid command-and-control software expands power systems analysis and AMI integration for advanced distribution management

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. , Feb. 2, 2011 -- Intergraph® continues to advance its smart grid solutions to enable utilities to better manage their complex electrical distribution infrastructure and field crews, and take advantage of real-time operations data within a consolidated command-and-control environment. The newest solution designed for the smart grid operations center now supports the full functionality of an advanced distribution management system (ADMS) by providing integrated power systems analysis within one environment. This consolidated approach enables utilities to take full advantage of their investments in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for operations to improve operational decision-making and increase grid reliability, efficiency and security.

In today’s market, utilities are looking for a “best of breed” outage management system (OMS) with value-added capabilities. To maximize resources, cut operational costs, meet industry performance metrics, maintain reliable customer service and improve safety and security, utilities are now seeking solutions that integrate intelligent grid technology into the OMS environment to provide more comprehensive distribution operation functionality.

InService 8.3, the newest version of Intergraph’s smart grid technology, integrates OMS, mobile workforce management, security, geospatial technology, SCADA and power systems analysis tools into a single user interface for optimal operating efficiency and reliability. The latest version delivers several enhancements that improve the integration and display of SCADA data and integrated power system analytics, to meet the requirements of the most advanced utilities by organizing vast amounts of data into understandable visual representations.

Intergraph customers can now leverage the full operational benefits of their smart meter investments by integrating their AMI systems with OMS. Through a new, optional component that allows operators to query AMI-enabled meters for outages and receive responses from the meters indicating whether they have power, utilities can detect and verify outages without customer intervention, leading to reduced restoration time, improved customer service, financial savings and a reduction in customer average interruption duration index (CAIDI) and system average interruption duration index (SAIDI). By integrating its AMI system with Intergraph OMS, a major northeast utility in the U.S. reported a reduction of CAIDI by nearly four minutes and an annual savings of more than $400,000 as a result of more rapid and accurate outage detection and validation.

“Operating tomorrow’s distribution network requires tightly integrated systems that work together seamlessly for a fast, coordinated response to potential issues,” said Tony DiMarco, executive director of Global Utilities & Communications with Intergraph. “With an increasing number of smart devices and technologies being added to electric grids, Intergraph is fulfilling the need to capture this vast amount of additional operations data and provide information in a consolidated, easily understood format for faster, more informed decision-making. Through enhanced integration for power systems analysis and AMI, Intergraph now supports a comprehensive ADMS, providing real-time, end-to-end grid management and improving situational awareness.”

The latest version of Intergraph smart grid technology can be easily integrated with a multitude of SCADA and AMI platforms to streamline operations and reduce costs. Further information is available at:

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