Dutch Kadaster, Netherlands

Dutch Kadaster Leverages Geospatial Solutions for Complete Land Information Management

Intergraph Solution Supports Spatial Data Infrastructure, Other Key Initiatives in the Netherlands

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The Challenge:

Geospatial information plays a vital role in managing the Netherlands’ more than eight
million parcels of land. Dutch Kadaster is the national land registry and mapping agency
for the country. Its activities include land surveying, registration, and consolidation; mapping; triangular reference networks; and information services. The organization wanted to replace its outdated legacy information system with a state-of-the-art system to implement the new Dutch Land Consolidation Act (WILG). In addition, it wanted a system citizens could use to easily access geospatial data.

The Project Objectives:

  • Provide citizens with easy access to visualized information and services
  • Develop Web services to build a spatial data infrastructure (SDI) for the country
  • Implement a geospatial solution to manage the country’s new land reallocation system

The Solution:

Kadaster has worked with Intergraph® since 2006 using the GeoMedia® and TerraShare® product suites to gather, store, and display large quantities of geospatial data, as well as aerial, satellite, and other imagery. The agency selected Intergraph as its partner for geospatial solutions after a European tendering process. Intergraph offered the best solution for Kadaster, both in functionality and cost-effectiveness.

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