Geoinformation Office of the German Federal Armed Forces (BGIO), Germany

German Federal Armed Forces Launches Geoinformation System

Complete geospatial solution serves as both a spatial data repository and a high-resolution production engine

german federal In 1976, the Geoinformation Office of the German Federal Armed Forces (BGIO) came up with an idea to create a single system that would serve both as a repository where spatial data could be seamlessly archived and maintained as well as a production engine capable of outputting standard or customized maps in scales ranging from 1:25,000 to 1:1,000,000. At the time, technology capable of accomplishing these lofty goals did not exist, and the project simmered until 1996 when Intergraph and BGIO readdressed the challenge. BGIO tapped Intergraph to provide its geospatial data management solution, a geographic information system called the Bundeswehr GeoInfo Data Base, that stores and maintains a variety of geographic source data and generates digital and hardcopy maps to support German military activities.

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