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Hertel Group Partners with Intergraph® for Comprehensive
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Intergraph Piping Technology Delivers Cost Savings to Owners

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Since its founding in 1895 by Alexander L. Hertel, Hertel Group has grown from an industrial
insulation contractor to a vanguard company
with a range of services in industrial plant construction and maintenance. Hertel has itnessed a growing need to greatly improve the methods, workflows, processes, and tools for the piping discipline throughout the plant life cycle.

Overcoming Challenges

Disparate systems were in place for all phases of field engineering, fabrication, erection,
documentation, and maintenance. However, due to the absence of common standards
for data formats, contents, and interfaces, conventional data handover between contractors
was usually paper-based. This obsolete methodology resulted in additional work, documentation errors, and expensive mistakes – even in a “successful” handover.

Because many different document templates are typically created in the entire project life
cycle, the process was also difficult to control for overall project management. As a result,
traditional methods often caused higher project costs, sometimes engendering lost time
and unsatisfactory quality. In the end, surrounded by an ocean of automation, handover
data to the O/O mainly consisted of an island of paper documents. Hertel Group set out
to change all this.

Realizing Results

After an exhaustive search and benchmark process, Hertel chose and collaborated with
Intergraph and a major German O/O to develop an integrated, digital project execution
system as a common piping industry standard. After two years in development, Hertel tested the system in live revamp and turnaround projects. Positive project experiences and excellent customer feedback prompted Hertel to also implement this concept for maintenance. Thanks to this innovative, comprehensive software solution, substantially better documentation can be handed over to owners on-site.

Whether for small repair orders in the maintenance phase, a major modification, or a greenfield project – the new piping technology always provides the same quality of digital as-built documents. The documentation is automatically generated out of the piping management system based on proven data. Piping data are continuously verified in terms of integrity, completeness, and correctness in the course of design, fabrication, erection, startup, documentation, and maintenance.

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