Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), Canada

AECL Takes "CANDU" Approach to New Nuclear Technologies

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited chooses SmartPlant® Enterprise to complete projects on time, on budget

AECL is a full service nuclear technology company providing services to nuclear utilities around the world. AECL has used Intergraph modeling tools for the last 18 years and has successfully delivered finished products to clients around the world. The company is focused on three major lines of business: designing and selling new nuclear reactors, refurbishing older reactors, and providing services to owners of CANDU reactors that help utilities increase capacity factors, reduce operation and maintenance costs and shorten outages.

AECL’s lead product, and the standard for Canadian nuclear power reactor designs, is called CANDU, an acronym for Canada Deuterium Uranium. AECL's CANDU product line includes the 750 MWe class CANDU 6 power reactor and the 1200 MWe class ACR-1000, AECL's next-generation CANDU power reactor.

The company had several key requirements when it was looking for a 3D solution. The product had to have an open architecture and an integrated database for design, analysis, modeling, licensing, procurement, construction and client turnover. It had to be an integrated software package that could meet the needs of a complete plant life cycle. The company also wanted to see a significant improvement in productivity and quality as a benefit of the product.

“We looked at many competitive products, but ultimately chose SmartPlant Enterprise, particularly SmartPlant 3D, because no other enterprise system provided us the productivity gains possible with the Intergraph tools,” said Stephen Yu, AECL general manager, ACR product development.

Yu added that the integrated, yet modular approach that Intergraph chose with SmartPlant Enterprise fit AECL’s ACR-1000 product engineering and project delivery strategy and the company’s long-term vision in the nuclear market.

By utilizing a common data-centric "foundation," AECL can manage data centrally – increasing productivity significantly while decreasing the possibility of errors. It also provides a common data base for 3D modeling and P&ID design.

AECL is moving quickly to also take advantage of SmartPlant Foundation’s advanced data management techniques to better serve clients.

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