Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States

Intergraph Provides Multi-Agency, Multi-Jurisdictional Emergency Dispatching Solutions

working The Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico, a prominent research center for nuclear weapons and homeland security technologies, selected Intergraph to provide an emergency dispatch system to be shared with the local city and county governments. Reflecting the trend toward multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional emergency operations centers (EOCs), this is the United States’ first EOC combining federal and local operations. The Intergraph CAD system provides a centralized dispatch capability for the Los Alamos city and county police and fire agencies, as well as the LANL fire department. First responders from different agencies share real-time information from the same emergency operations center, responding in a more coordinated way.

As a decision-support tool, the Intergraph CAD system helps dispatchers determine the proper first responders for a given incident. The shared CAD decision support system includes the ability to interface with fire alarm and paging systems, fire station alerting and printing, mobile data computers, vehicle tracking, and fire records systems. In addition, the system benefits local officials by enabling them to access terminal devices for the deaf, Enhanced 911 systems, and the New Mexico State Crime Database, and provides Web browser capability for use in their EOC. 

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