Saipem S.p.A., Italy

Saipem Uses SmartPlant® Spoolgen® to See the Big Picture in Fabrication and Construction

EPC chooses Intergraph® to automate piping material management.

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The Saipem Group is one of the largest international turnkey contractors in the oil and gas industry. Throughout the past 14 years, Saipem engineering centers have used Intergraph PDS to generate isometrics and a variety of proprietary packages in the home office and on the construction site. PDS is a comprehensive, intelligent computer-aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE) application for plant design, construction, and operations.

“Approximately two years ago, we identified the need for software that could automate the complete piping material management process for our construction team,” said Ugo Salvi, vice president of information and communication technology at Saipem. “The system would have to cover engineering, fabrication yards, and piping assembly.” Saipem decided to look for an integrated solution that could help it fulfill its goals.

“We had a variety of objectives to meet by adopting a new solution. The main project goal was to produce shop drawings more easily,” said Ulisse Beretta, business application manager at Saipem. “The natural solution was to adopt a package that could take advantage of the data that PDS was already producing to integrate the fabrication activity. That is why we chose SmartPlant Spoolgen.”

SmartPlant Spoolgen acts as the bridge between engineering design, fabrication and construction. The software takes isometrics from any design system that supports ISOGEN® and provides a workflow environment for fabrication and construction information to be added by the appropriate people at the appropriate time for the production of manufacturing drawings and associated reports.

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