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Intergraph User ConferencesThe following links will direct you to third party websites, which are provided for your convenience. These third party websites are owned and operated by independent parties over which Intergraph has no control. Intergraph shall not have any liability resulting from your use of the third party website. Any link you make to or from the third party website will be at your own risk and any information you share with the third party website will be subject to the terms of the third party website, including those relating to confidentiality, data privacy, and security.


TitleStartEndCity, State/ProvinceCountry
User Group Conference Germany (Cegug) 3/3/2015
3/4/2015 DarmstadtGermany
User Group Conference Benelux 3/12/2015
3/12/2015 LeidenNetherlands
User Group Conference United Kingdom 3/18/2015
3/19/2015 LondonUnited Kingdom
User Group Conference France 4/2/2015
4/2/2015 ParisFrance
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