Vice Minister of Energy from the Royal Thai Government Gives Opening Address at Intergraph® 2010 Southeast Asia


Ministry of Energy supports conference to highlight energy strategies agenda for Thailand

SYDNEY, Australia, Aug. 11, 2010 – His Excellency Sub-Lieutenant Dr. Prapas Limpabandhu, Vice Minister of Energy, Ministry of Energy, Government of Thailand opened the Intergraph® 2010 Southeast Asia conference in Pattaya on August 3 with an opening address that focused on the energy strategies agenda for Thailand.

Thailand is heavily dependent on imports to meet the nation’s energy demands with energy products representing about a fifth of the country’s total imports value. In order for Thailand to become more self-sufficient and reduce its reliance on traditional sources of energy, the Ministry of Energy has established an energy strategies agenda focusing on three main areas: promotion of renewable energy, enhancing energy efficiency, and the development of nuclear power.

The Ministry of Energy seeks to explore sources of renewable energy through power generation, thermal application, and biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel, with the aim to increase the percentage share of clean energy from the present 8% to 20% by 2022. Improving energy efficiency is also a key focus with campaigns developed to drive awareness with Thai citizens and incentives set up for industries, all of which are supported by legislation and regulations. The Ministry of Energy is also looking into the development of a nuclear power program over the next ten years.

Thomas Doran, Executive Vice President, Process, Power & Marine, Asia Pacific, Intergraph, said, “It was a great honour to have Dr. Limpabandhu from the Ministry of Energy of the Government of Thailand address the delegates at Intergraph 2010 Southeast Asia. The conference, which was fully supported by Neon Infotech, a local Thai company promoted by the Board of Investment under the Royal Thai Government, provided a forum for industry leaders to learn about the latest technology developments and business solutions, as well as the opportunity to brainstorm and come up with new ideas to tackle real-world challenges.”

“The Ministry of Energy strongly supported Intergraph 2010 Southeast Asia as the conference helped to promote the awareness of technology in the energy industry,” said Dr. Prapas Limpabandhu, Vice Minister of Energy, Ministry of Energy, the Royal Thai Government. “With Southeast Asia’s finest engineering professionals gathered at the conference, the region’s industry leaders shared knowledge and worked at developing sustainable solutions to meet Thailand and the world’s energy demands.”

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