Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) Limited, Australia

The RACV Assistance Centre Operate 60 Twin Screen Workstations Running Intergraph Software

RACV is Victoria's principal membership organisation, with 1.9 million members. It is also the recognised motorists' voice, representing the interests of 1.3 million Victorians who have emergency roadside assistance. In addition to automotive products and services, RACV offers insurance, home security, financial services, tourism and travel, resorts, and Club membership. It supports the Victorian community through its charitable trust, the RACV Foundation, community partnerships and staff volunteering.

The RACV utilise Intergraph’s geographically based Computer Aided Dispatch system to receive, record, and dispatch roadside assistance calls. The RACV assistance centre operate 60 twin screen workstations running Intergraph software across two redundant sites. Roadside Assistance calls are dispatched automatically via Intergraph’s Autodispatch and MDT applications to mobile data terminals in patrols vehicles, battery vans and tow trucks. The system also interfaces to third parties such as Black Cabs and Mainframe Membership systems.

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