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SmartPlant Reference Data

This course takes you through a practical example of creating a new Commodity and adding that Commodity to an existing Piping Spec. Also you will learn to set up the configuration details for a new Commodity to be exported to SP3D.

Topics Covered:

Day 1: System overview and Defining Piping Materials

    • SmatPlant Materials Basics
    • Commodity Codes Overview
    • Commodity Rules
    • Commodity Groups
    • Commodity Parts
    • Commodity Code Details

Day 2: Creating Piping Materials

    • Ident Code Overview
    • Object Parameters
    • Geometric Data
    • Geometric Relationships
    • How are Ident Codes created

Day 3: Piping Specifications

    • Piping Specification Management
    • Defining Spec Attributes
    • Defining Spec Materials
    • Wall Thickness Table
    • Branch Table
    • Spec Notes
    • Revision Management

Day 4: 3D System Interface

    • SP3D – Exporting Spec & Catalogue worksheets
    • PDS – Exporting PMC and PCD files

Day 5: Workshop

Creating a new Commodity Type and exporting to SP3D

    • Create new Group & Part for Siphon Pipe
    • Define geometric relationships for Siphon Pipe
    • Create Commodity Codes for Siphon Pipe
    • Add Siphon Pipe to Piping Specification
    • Generate Idents for Siphon Pipe based on Piping Specification details
    • Export Siphon Pipe PartClassSheets to SP3D


  • An understanding of Piping Specs in 3D systems would be an advantage

Note: These topics will not necessarily be presented in this order.

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