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SmartPlant Spoolgen - TSPG2000E

This courses provide users with the knowledge and skills to fully operate Spoolgen in order to produce Isometrics and Spool drawings and administrators to create and manage the project environment. It consists of a classroom lecture and lab format that provides the most practical and efficient hands-on reinforcement in the use of tools and procedures.

Major Topics: Creation of Spools using Spoolgen, placing welds and other fabrication and construction information, importing and modifying pipelines, cut and paste, weld and part numbering, weld gaps, elbow to bend conversion, building materials data, project administration, configuring drawing and report outputs, creating user symbols, attributes and information, 3D visualization, isometric drawing generation, linking to external data sources, data integration with downstream systems.

SmartPlant Spoolgen

Core / Module Short description
SmartPlant Spoolgen User training for producing outputs from SmartPlant Spoolgen
SmartPlant Material Editor Builds materials catalogs and piping specifications in MDB format for use in SmartPlant Isometrics.
SmartPlant I-Configure Configures ISOGEN drawing and report outputs.
SmartPlant Symbol Editor Produces symbols to user annotation requirements.
SmartPlant I-Data Integrator Interfaces piping data in MDB, XLS, CSV, XML or the legacy format required by the receiving system.


SmartPlant Spoolgen


  • Understanding the Data Flow
  • Spoolgen Interface
  • Project Login
  • Importing / Checking out / Checking in
  • Using the Workflow Database
  • Selection techniques
  • Multiple selections
  • Selecting Spools / Spool naming
  • Drawing Split Points
  • Adding / Modifying welds
  • Understating the Weld types
    • Workshop weld
    • Site weld
    • Field Fit weld
    • Offshore weld
    • Tack weld
    • Shop Test weld
    • Support welds
    • Fillet
    • Trunnion
    • Special Site weld
  • Automatic Straight split
  • Removing welds
  • Generating outputs
  • Using the 3D view


  • Pipe Supports
  • Couplings
  • Reference Dimensions
  • Additional Materials
  • Messages
  • Flow Arrows
  • Detail Sketches
  • Information Notes
  • Pipeline Properties
  • Component Properties
  • Weld Properties
  • Elbow to Bend conversion
  • Retrieving External Data
  • Weld gaps
  • Adjusting end preparations on pipe
  • Adjusting end preparations on components
  • Defining spec. breaks
  • Moving components from one line to another
  • FFW Allowance control

SmartPlant Material Editor


  • User interface: database views, menus and toolbars
  • Creating a new database from the template database
  • Database properties
  • Manipulating databases
    • Copying, cutting and pasting
    • Sorting and selecting
    • Editing, inserting and deleting
    • Filtering and modifying
  • Creating materials with Material Builder
  • Using Material Wizard to assign user defined item codes and descriptions
  • Creating piping specifications with Specification Builder


  • Configuring Reference tables
  • Defining Lists and Build rules
  • Using Excel data to create item codes and descriptions
  • Using Text maps - exchanging item code and description sets
  • Importing I-Sketch format reference data

SmartPlant I-Configure

Basics: setting up projects and styles

  • User interface: tree view, overview/detail views, properties panel, menus and toolbar
  • Creating isometric directories, projects and styles
  • Copying and pasting
  • Configuring styles using the Wizards
    • Drawing Setup Wizard
    • Dimensioning wizard
    • Welding Wizard
    • Report wizard
  • Previewing drawings
  • Find tool
  • Saving and exporting styles

Advanced: project administration

  • Setting up a multi-user network project
  • Project access rights – preventing unauthorised modifications
  • Connecting/disconnecting from network projects
  • Setting project defaults and attributes
  • Importing projects and styles
  • Setting up user-defined re-useable style templates
  • Configuring projects to enable publishing of data to SmartPlant Foundation (in SmartPlant Isometrics)

SmartPlant Symbol Editor

  • User interface: symbol explorer, drawing window, symbol overview window, properties window, menus and toolbar
  • Drawing user defined ISOGEN symbol shapes (SKEYs)
  • Editing standard ISOGEN re-definable symbol shapes
  • Changing spindles
  • User symbols in SmartPlant Isometrics

SmartPlant Isometrics I-Data Integrator

  • Overview: integrating piping report data with downstream systems
  • The XML configuration file
  • Writing custom queries


  • Knowledge of fabrication theory and practice
  • Basic 2D CAD skills
  • Experience of Office type applications and Microsoft Windows

Note: These topics will not necessarily be presented in this order.

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