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GeoMedia Objects Development

The goal of this course is to provide fundamental insights into the customisation capabilities of the GeoMedia desktop family of products. The course will include an overview of OLE automation and how it is used to drive many different software applications. You will create a custom application including using the GeoMedia ActiveX components and controls. You will develop new commands utilising GeoMedia's and GeoMedia Professional's automated objects and customise the menu interface.

Topics Covered

  • GeoMedia's Automation Model
  • GDO servers
  • GeoMedia's command wizard
  • GeoMedia Professional Automation Model
  • Building a custom application
  • MapView control
  • Creating GeoMedia commands
  • Customisation techniques
  • Understanding the types of commands
  • Building a GeoMedia Professional command


  • You should be a proficient developer in at least one language (C, C++, Visual Basic).
  • Experience developing in Visual Basic is preferred but not required.
  • A working knowledge of GIS applications is expected.


  • 3 days

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