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GeoMedia Transaction Manager

This course is designed to introduce students to the use of GeoMedia Transaction Manager whilst creating and editing data. This hands-on class will increase workplace productivity teaching the student conceptual aspects as well as the mechanics of working with real-world data. Students are introduced to GeoMedia Transaction Manager advanced functionality through classroom exercises.

The course is designed as a thorough introduction to GeoMedia Transaction Manager and is appropriate for users who have completed the GeoMedia Professional course or users who have extensive experience with GeoMedia Professional. Included in the training is an introduction to Oracle Workspace Manager which GeoMedia Transaction Manager utilises.

Topics Covered

  • Oracle Workspace Manager
  • Committing data
  • Versioning tables
  • Review revisions
  • Revision Sets
  • Query Transaction data


  • This course assumes that students possess a basic working knowledge of the Windows operating system and the GeoMedia Professional environment


  • 1 day

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