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PDS Project Administration

This class is designed for system support personnel who will be responsible for maintaining a multi-site PDS project. Major Topics in this class will also benefit those maintaining single-site projects. Familiarity with PDS (project creation, clash and Isometric) and the Oracle database is mandatory (classes covering Informix and Microsoft SQL Server available by request). This class is a combination of lecture and lab.

Topics Covered:

  • RIS/Database overview
  • Project creation overview (Express Setup/Advanced User Mode)
  • Important setup/post setup project settings
  • Plant Monument
  • Database customization
  • Seed File Settings
  • PID-to-Piping setup
  • Distributing the master project to remote sites
  • Updating remote sites with data from master project and vice-versa
  • Use of PDS Audit Tool Utility to verify project integrity
  • Clash and Isometric issues
  • Archival strategies


  • Windows NT Knowledge
  • RDBMS/RIS Knowledge
  • PDS 3D Theory (TPDS3113) - desirable

Note: These topics will not necessarily be presented in this order.

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