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PDS - EE Raceway Modeling Operations

This course is designed for persons responsible for the modeling of electrical raceways. The course includes instructions for the use of EE Raceway Modeling software in production and maintenance of electrical raceway designs. Students learn to design, modify, and model electrical raceway systems in a three-dimensional environment.

Topics Covered:

  • Design file setup
  • Project and file creation
  • Basic graphic operations
  • Element annotation
  • Database operations
  • Project and file manipulations
  • Seed file
  • Interference envelope generation
  • Generation of MTO Reports


  • A basic understanding of Windows and MicroStation is required. This can be obtained in any of these ways:
  • By attending Windows NT/MicroStation for PDS 3D Users (TPDS1103)
  • Via on-the-job experience comparable to the above
  • By attending vendor classes on Windows NT and MicroStation. Students who do not attend TPDS1103 will be expected to be familiar with all topics covered in that course.

Note: These topics will not necessarily be presented in this order.

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