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PDS - FrameWorks Plus

The FrameWorks Plus (FW+) course covers command usage and application of FrameWorks Plus software to structural projects. It is designed for engineers and designers who plan and layout structures and who prepare analytical models for analysis and design. The course is equally suited to structural drafters who perform modeling and drawing production tasks. Throughout the course, the instructor uses a combination of lecture and lab to introduce and explain usage. Upon completion of the course, students should have a working knowledge of the fundamental use of FrameWorks Plus and sufficient understanding of how to apply the software in the project environment.

Topics Covered:

  • Project, seed model and model creation via PD_SHELL and FW+ manager
  • FW+ view symbology definition, creation and modification of FW views
  • Placement and manipulation of grids
  • Placement manipulation and modification of linear and solid elements
  • Definition of loads and other analytical attributes
  • Interface to 3rd party analytical packages
  • Material take-off, Center of Gravity and Analytical reports
  • Drawing production
  • Propagation
  • Interface to other Intergraph structural and PDS products
  • Envelope File Generation
  • Design Review Integration
  • Product Customization


  • Structural design and drafting experience
  • A basic understanding of Windows NT and MicroStation is required. This can be obtained in any of these ways:
    • Via on-the-job experience
    • By attending vendor classes on Windows NT and MicroStation.

Note: These topics will not necessarily be presented in this order.

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