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Smart 3D - Structural

This course is for Structural Designers who will create structural models, and other users who will create related reference data. The course features an introduction to the graphics environment followed by equipment & structural modelling techniques. Later part of the course is focused on creation of reference data such as user defined sections, etc.

Covered Topics:

  • Overview of Common Graphics Environment
  • Defining a Working Set
  • SmartStep Commands and User Options
  • Interactive Interference Checking
  • Grid System
  • Structural Modeling
  • Modeling Stairs & Ladders
  • Modeling Footings and Equipment Foundations
  • Change Management
  • Catalog & Specification Databases
  • Bulkload Utility
  • General Format of Bulkload Files
  • Symbol 2D
  • Adding User Defined Sections
  • Adding User Defined Openings
  • Adding a New Slab Type


  • Familiarity with Windows User Interface
  • Knowledge of 3D Plant Design CAD Concepts

Note: These topics will not necessarily be presented in this order.

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