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SmartPlant Instrumentation - Administration

This course is designed for IT specialists and support personnel who are responsible for installation and system administration of SmartPlant Instrumentation. In this course, students will learn software and hardware requirements, system, supporting RDBMS installation, overview of database structure, database maintenance and overview of customization.

Topics Covered:

  • SmartPlant Instrumentation installation
  • DB Setup utility
  • Project initialization
  • Use of SmartPlant Licence Manager (SPLM) for licence control
  • Upgrades
  • Administration options and user management
  • Internal Setup utility
  • Database structure for AS Built domains
  • Overview of deployment options - traditional client-server and thin-client architectures


  • Familiarity with Windows environment and applications
  • Familiarity with relational database concepts

Note: These topics will not necessarily be presented in this order.

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