Training Course Agenda

SmartPlant P&ID - Basic User

This course is designed for engineers and designers who will use the SmartPlant P&ID software to generate intelligent P&IDs. Learn how to use the SmartPlant application to optimise the creation of P&IDs.

Topics Covered

  • Placing Equipment, Piping, and Instruments
  • Placing Labels
  • Placing Assemblies
  • Organising Your Catalog Explorer
  • Using Filters to Optimise Your Work
  • Using the Tabular View
  • Using the Stockpile
  • Using the Properties Grid
  • Manipulating Graphics
  • Work with the Engineering Data Editor
  • Checking Design and Data Consistency
  • Plotting Drawings
  • Generating Reports
  • Use the Piping Spec Automation Function


  • Familiarity with P&ID design

Note: These topics will not necessarily be presented in this order.

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