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SmartPlant Foundation (4.2) Configuration and Administration II

The SmartPlant Foundation Configuration and Administration II course is the next in a continuing series of Process, Plant and Marine classes that is designed to introduce an administrator and/or data modeler to the concepts and functionality available in the SPF 2008 product. This course builds on the concepts and functionality that was introduced in the SmartPlant Foundation 2008 Introduction and Administration I and the SmartPlant 2008 Modeling and Mapping courses. The class begins with an overview of the SmartPlant model and continues with an introduction to the Administration GUI interface. This course also focuses on configuring classified objects, generating and modifying data forms, and configuring methods, menus and toolbars. The SmartPlant Foundation Loader and the
Schema Import Wizard is also discussed. Another major topic is the Workflow module which allows an administrator to configure custom workflows. Also discussed is the ability to create and use Transmittals as well as configuring Adhoc Reports. The class is presented as a combination of lecture sessions followed by hands-on activity periods.

Covered Topics:

  • Review of the SmartPlant Model
  • Generating and customizing forms
  • SPF Loader
  • Configuring methods
  • Configuring Classified Objects
  • Configuring the ENS
  • Creating and testing workflows
  • Transmittals, configuration and usage
  • Configuring ad hoc reports and line list reports
  • Vault Replication
  • Using the Excel Import Wizard
  • Datasheets in SPF
  • Hotspotting


  • SmartPlant/SmartPlant Foundation Introdcution and Administration I
  • SmartPlant Foundation Modeling and Mapping
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows NT 2000, XP or Windows Server 2003
  • Knowledge of database administration (i.e. Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server)

Note: These topics will not necessarily be presented in this order.

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