Business Intelligence for Public Safety

Transform data overload into operational intelligence to improve service delivery, solve a crime, spot a trend, or save a life

Crime scientists have written extensively about the use of geospatial and crime mapping techniques to gather information on high-crime areas. Many agencies use these types of analysis to understand not only crime distributions, but also interpret related information about incident response.

To accomplish these complex analyses, agencies worldwide use Intergraph®'s Business Intelligence for Public Safety and I/Incident Analyst software. These solutions provide comprehensive analytical tools that allow agencies to leverage incident data in order to optimize resource deployment and maximize performance management.

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CASE STUDY: Halton Regional Police Service

CASE STUDY: Alberta Health Services

Intergraph's Business Intelligence for Public Safety lets you:

  • Make performance management decisions based on real facts and trends
  • Prepare for future issues based on past history
  • Give personnel insight that leads to positive outcomes
  • Simplify accurate reporting for compliance with command staff requirements
  • Choose the Business Intelligence solution that's right for your agency

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